This company was born in Feb 2010.

We have provided a very successful & quality solution to many small & big firms.

We have delivered a small customized software to a department of a multinational company (We are not authorized to use its name).This software is Visitor Management System. This software tracks all the details with photo of visitor who comes to visit that department.

We have also developed software to send bulk SMS using mobile GSM modem by connecting mobile using data cable or bluetooth. And this software is successfully used by numerous clients.

More Software We have developed
- Employee Attendance & Work Management System
- Excel File Comparison
- 3 Windows Mobile(Pocket PC) Application

We just want to say one sentence what we think

“We are small now but our dreams are big.”

Our Service is Professional because we know what is the meaning of “Professional”.

P – Perfection
R – Reliable
O – Original
F – Friendly User Interface
E – Error Free
S – Secured
S – Satisfaction
I – Integrity
O – Optimization
N – Needed
A – Accomplished
L – Lighten