Why we developed Crowd SMS?

Everyday across the world billions of SMS are sent and most of them carry personal messages sent by youths for staying in contact with their friends. But in the recent years, the popularity of SMS has increasingly spread in business sectors also. Larger companies have adopted SMS as a cheap and effective marketing tool as it delivers the company’s message to its audience.

That’s why we came with a cheapest solution which can be useful to anyone who wants to do marketing through SMS.

We have developed software Crowd SMS to send bulk SMS from your mobile by connecting your mobile with PC using data cable OR Bluetooth.




Data Cable/Bluetooth connectivity.
Import contacts from phone book.
Import your contacts from MS Excel.
Display delivery time of SMS.
Remove duplicate numbers.
Personalised SMS
Manage your contacts group wise.
History of sent SMS.
Save all contacts.
Display mobile information.
Send SMS limit after starting an application Unlimited (with Ads) Unlimited
SMS Characters 160 (including Ads) 160

• Crowd SMS connects with your mobile and fetch required information.
• After connecting your mobile, User imports contacts from Excel File and send SMS to those contacts.
• Crowd SMS sends SMS same as you send SMS from your mobile OR PC Suite.

Note :
Crowd SMS sends SMS using your mobile SIM card. So any SMS is sent from Crowd SMS will be charged as per your service provider’s rate. So before sending an SMS, Don’t forget to activate free SMS scheme.

• Bluetooth/Data Cable connectivity.
• Import contacts from MS Excel.
• Import contacts from phone book.
• Import saved contacts.
• Remove duplicate numbers.
• Remove invalid numbers.
• Save your contacts in phone book.
• Manage your contacts group wise.
• Multi Language SMS.
• Personalised SMS.
• History of sent SMS.

Hardware :

• 200 MB HDD Space
• 128 MB RAM
• GSM Mobile with USB OR Bluetooth Support.
• USB Data Cable OR PC Bluetooth Device.

Software :

• Windows 2000/Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7.
• .Net Framework 2.0
• Mobile USB Driver
• Mobile Bluetooth Driver
• Microsoft Office of any Version

Are you an owner of Tuition Classes or School?

• Suppose some students are absent in class then you can send SMS to their parents Like, “Your son/daughter is absent today. Please bring him/her with leave letter tomorrow. If he/she won’t come with leave letter, we won’t allow to seat in class”.
• Can inform that “Vacation is over and batches/School will be started from this date”.
• Can inform that “Today is surprise exam. So please be ready for that”.
• Can send exam results to their parents.
• Can do marketing in your city.

Are you property broker?

• Can do marketing of your website if have.
• Can inform your clients for new property to buy.
• Can inform your clients for payment.
• Can send general alert SMS that you want to send all your clients.


• To be in contact with their friends and family.
• There are also so many businesses that may require marketing through SMS. This software is best option for them