How do i connect mobile with crowdSMS

Software (CrowdSMS) is connected to mobile using
1.) Datacable (Need to install drivers for the particular mobile. you can find in here )
2.) Bluetooth device ( Recommended)

Step 1 : Turn ON bluetooth on both pc/Laptop and mobile phone .

Step 2 : Click on Add device inside bluetooth icon as show below

Step 3 : Select your device ( here you can see T650i) and click NEXT as show below

Step 4 : Type the same code into your mobile for paring the device with PC/Laptop .

Step 5 : If the device is successfully added you will see the following image

Tutorial for using CrowdSMS

1.Send SMS

If you want to send same SMS to everyone the you can do it from here. You can import contacts from excel sheet/Saved contact files/Phonebook. In below screen shot at Preview, there is a word “ ## ” you can add this word in compose dialog by pressing Ctrl + N key. If you add this field and send SMS, then this message will be appeared to Anokhi Kapadia’s mobile.

“Good Morning Anokhi Kapadia

This is test message sent through Crowd SMS Software.

8401584482 (Krishna)”

So while delivering the SMS to recipient, software will replace that field with the name specified in Recipient Name Column in send list. You Anokhi will think that I sent her a personal SMS. Not even Anokhi but everyone.

You can import your phonebook contacts using this dialog. It’s very easy to import. If you want to send SMS to particular group, just mark that group and contacts of that group will be marked automatically. Then click on Import button to import contacts to send list.

2.Send Special SMS

This feature can be very useful when you want to send different SMS to each one. Have look at this screen shot.

Using this import tool, you can import excel file into the software. Drag name column of excel sheet to Name Box and mobile column of excel sheet to Mobile Box. Then drag all the columns of message to Message columns list which you want to be merged and choose/enter the separator. As you click on import button, message columns will be merged by specified separator and filled to send list. Have look at the below screen shot.


This feature is very useful because you can categorize all your contacts by creating groups. And you don’t need store all your contacts to mobile. Here you have no limit to save contacts. You can also import contacts from excel sheet or your phone/SIM contacts(This feature is not supported by Nokia Phone).

4.View History

This feature will show you all your history of SMS you sent.